Usually the day starts with the blowing of the conch at 4.00a.m. the sanctums are opened by 4.30 a.m. At 5 a.m. We can watch the Vakacharthu of Lord Krishna, Vakacharthu is the holy oil bath of the Lord. Oil is poured on the idol, followed by spreading of a herbal paste, a mild massage and then water bath and milk bath. After decorations, malarnivedyam and venna nivedyam are offered (malar is fried paddy and venna is butter). Usha pooja (early morning nivedya etc.) is done by 7a.m. Usha rites culminates with Seeveli. During Seeveli the Thidambu, a metal replica of the stone idol, is carried on an elephant which circumambulates the temple nalambalam thrice, while ceremonial offerings of rice to Ashtadikpalakas etc. are duly performed.

In the evening the temple opens by 4.30 p.m. After the decorations (Alankarams) the Arathi is performed at dusk (between 6.15 p.m and 7 p.m). The Athazha Pooja (Night Pooja) is conducted by 8 p.m and is followed by Seeveli.

After the re-installation of the idol at the new sanctum a new item of Pooja has been introduced at our temple. It is 'Thrippuka' an incense offering, before sleep. unto the Lord.

The temple closes by 8.30 p.m.

This is the only temple in Thrissur which has a gold-covered flag-mast and which conducts Seeveli thrice, all time carrying the idol on an elephant.

The installation of the flag mast and introduction of daily Seeveli took shape less than five decades ago (1965).

Annadanam for 100 persons is a daily routine in the temple. The cost of one day for Annadanam is Rs.2500.

Annadanam is considered to be one of the most sacred offering to propitiate the Lord. The Devaswom would like to make Annadanam a bigger daily routine, once necessary infrastructures are available.

Devotees are free to partly or fully sponsor daily Annadanam or Annadanam on special occasions.

Large Scale Annadanams

Large Scale annadanams are conducted on

  1. Sri Krishna Jayanthi
  2. Vaikunda Ekadasi
  3. Vela Festival
  4. 8 days of Thiru Utsavam
  5. Prathishta day
  6. Thrissur Pooram.

The following offerings can be done at temple by paying the respective fees at the counter.